Systemic Training

The direction of the company is fully defined. Now, how do I activate the manpower?

What is the systemic training approach?

Every employee is part of the system. Change the competence of the individual employee, and the company itself will change. The holistic viewpoint of systemic training takes these inderdependancies into account. These will be discussed with our client right from the contract phase. We guide our clients until the final embedding of the new techniques and methods. We think that dynamic training sequences are the future of sustainable training didactics. That way, the longlasting added value for the company is guaranteed.

The systemic training has an effect of ressource oriented solutions. That way, the ressources and capabilities of the participating employees are consciously activated and developed during the systemic training. It builds on the competence fundament of the individual participant.

Our motto:

Strengthening strengths and developing previously unknown strengths for the added value of the company.

Changes in competence areas are only possible with a self-responsible dynamic.

What does that exactly mean?

Changes are only possible to the degree that the participating employee is letting them happen. If the employee is willing to learn something new, or to improve himself, the basis for a longlasting change is given. Self-determined self control is a key factor for a successful change in the company.

So, what does the systemic trainer do?

We simulate realtime situations with our co-trainers, e.g. how a constructive, consensus-oriented dialogue with employees, colleagues, or seniors could look like. Then the participants start our training and work on their real problem situations they have in daily business.
Afterwards, there's a professional and appreciative feedback from the trainers for the trainee.

„Do it yourself“ is essential for the embedding of newly learned methods and techniques. That way, the vividness of this experiences embeds faster into the subcordial memory and can be recalled faster by the brain during stressful situations. As a result, all the participants gain the ability to use their newly learned tools effectively and efficiently for the company, even in crisis situations.

Are you interested in coaching?

Do you want to use actively coaching competences during your daily leadership work?
In our systemic business coaching seminars, we train your coaching competence. Our participating executives accompany us over a period of 4-6 months. Afterwards, our participants are able to use the newly learned tools and techniques within their daily work, with their clients, or for their own gusto.

Come on board! Contact us for your requests.

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